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What do Career Management and Religion have in Common?

Frequently I mention to the participants of our flagship program, “7 Steps of Your Career Ladder” that doesn’t matter their religion, nationality or language, the results will be fantastic because we are not touching personal values at all. We are using neuroscience to spark findings and help break and create new synapses to support their development. But, why am I talking about religion now? In fact, I’ve figured out the belief around career management and religion are very similar. Think about this: it doesn’t matter on what you believe, but for you to be engaged in any religion you gotta believe it. You gotta get comfortable talking about, praying and diving in, right? That’s the sam

The Good, Bad and Ugly - and the Great!

Have you ever heard about this expression: good, bad and ugly? That’s very common when we are analyzing a situation and become very popular in the corporate environment. This week I would like to talk about Nick and Brandi. Nick is a very successful Senior Manager of Operations who works for a big logistics company. Nick's been working for this company for about 15 years and was promoted to Sr. Manager 5 years ago. He was thrilled that time and after ramping up the new role, the comfort zone was settled. Suddenly, he got busier and busier and this was really good…right? He was keeping his job and with no time to think about his career. Why does he need to worry about his career since he was

How is Your Motivation Level Today?

Motivation vs. Influence Every day is the same. 24 hours. Your routine. Over and over again. But every day is a day closer to your success. First, you need to have a goal. Then, you need to know how to get there: your success definition. One thing is very clear: either having a career as employee or being an entrepreneur is a path to be successful. However, how to be motivated and make the difference everyday? We, human beings, have the expectation that somebody else motivates us. We expect the companies we are working for, guide us through the career paths and when it doesn’t happen, we get frustrated. Or we expect our business run smoothly enough to grow by itself. That’s not how the “forc

7 Things Successful People Do

You've just seen that famous company CEO at the newsflash announcing that now he is the richest man of the world. Earlier you saw another top executive total compensation being publicly released. And you start to think what these successful people have really done to be there. Additionally, you think what they are doing to keep it up and continue to grow in their career without damaging their lives. There is no secret. Success has a price tag. And it’s not cheap. But how could you learn from them? Besides, what should you do yourself to be more successful? Here are 7 things they do that could be simply applied in your day: 1. They all have a career goal: every time I meet successful people s

How to Overcome Challenges That Prevent Growth

For the last few weeks we've been talking about why you should take control of your career and how to make it happen. Going to the same direction I would like to discuss how a solid and useful career plan can help you overcome challenges that might prevent you to grow. Once you know where you are going, the skills you need to develop to be there and that your career is one of the most important things in your life, you reach a different stage of understanding about how these things play all together. And I understand how difficult is to plot a career plan. Moreover, I got a lot of people just let things happen. But what's next when you are laid off? Or what's next when your company strategy

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