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How to Keep Energized to Increase Productivity

Recently, we talked about how to differentiate ourselves among the thousands of professionals across your company and the marketplace adopting the Three Main Rules. In a continuous way towards the differentiation and also looking for high performance at work not harming your life outside your job – yes, there is life, much more than your work, I bet with you – this article will describe quick and useful tips to improve your performance thru your energy. Years ago – almost a decade in fact – the company gave us the opportunity to have a time management training developed by Mr. Stephen Covey – a master, guru, author of many best-sellers, I am sure that you know who am I talking to, otherwise

3 Main Rules of Leadership

Differentiate ourselves from others in our company is difficult, in the marketplace, even more. But why should we be different? Why should we look for alternative approaches to outperform? This is exactly the reason executives are replaced and many companies change the leadership. There is situations that the company needs a different perspective, a different vision. Each of us, working in companies or even being an entrepreneur, have different visions, experiences, intelligence and culture. Years ago I’ve learned with somebody that a top executive is like a medicine, sometime you need to treat the head or you need something to treat your back and so on. Its interesting perspective and in fa

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