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Looking for a Job?

You lost your job, what's next? We don't want to lose our job. Having a job and work for your money is a privilege, right? However, sometimes we have to face this difficult situation. Either a work force reduction or a termination may occur and then this situation could be a breakthrough or a pitfall for more problems. And the key is how you face this huge challenge! Firstly, if you have a real career plan, a solid and useful one, this situation can be a little smoother because you have control of your career. If you don't, no problem. Here we have 3 tips to help you initiate a positive reaction: 1) Keep calm You are not the first, either the last to lose your job. And let me tell you someth

How to Take Control of Your Career!

Last week we talked about the importance of taking control of your career. That’s very important. But, more important than that, is to know how to make it happen. And perhaps you imagine it would be very hard. Well, indeed it’s not easy. It demands focus and this could be harder. Let me help you on this, defining three basic things: 1. Goal 2. Plan 3. Metric To make this easier, let’s compare with our daily exercise needs not to be considered sedentary. The recommendation is to walk at least 5 thousand steps per day, correct? Five thousand steps is your Goal. The daily frequency is your Plan. And how you measure your progress against your Goal and Plan? You can have a marvelous health band t

Happy Monday with Career Ladder Institute!

Watch our Happy Monday video for today! Last week we talked about how important it is to take control of your career. This week we´ll talk about HOW. Starting your week with focus and joy its a key point to success. Do you have a goal? Go for it! Pursue your success! Have a very nice week and stay tuned.

Take Control of Your Career, NOW, Not Later!

Have you ever realized most of the professionals don’t have a solid career plan and, instead of that, just keep things moving? (do a mini-survey and ask people around you!) However, the opposite is true as well. The most successful people knew what they were pursuing quite well and that was the number 1 reason to achieve the pinnacle of their career ladder. We are living in the information age, therefore this abundance of information created an enormous sense of urgency and also, tremendous speed. The sense of urgency makes us to be busy, but basically, “feel” busier than we really are. That’s what I call “busy-ache”. The busy-ache prevents us to stop and think about dozens (if not hundreds)

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