Nobody can Stop your Journey to the North Star

Successful people initiate.

But more than initiate, you need to execute.

More than execute, you must have a goal.

What if you boarded a plane without a destination?

Is the fuel enough? What is the route? What time departs and lands?

That's why we have a destination.

You need to have the "flight plan".

And that's your North Star!

Your destination.

I understand how difficult can be for you to define where do you wanna go, the size of the mountain you wanna climb but, listen to this:

Once you decide you want to do it, nobody, nothing, anything can stop.

Your career is like a marathon and you should keep your eyes on the prize.

The pinnacle.

But, your pinnacle is like your definition of success.

Everybody has a different definition of success.

And that's how it works.

Realize what and where you want to go and like a full-speed bulldozer, nobody can stop you!

Why do you plan and control a lot of things in your life and don't do it for your career?

Neither for your business?

That's a big decision. And successful people take big decisions.

Are you a successful people?

Think about it!

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Rodrigo S. Martineli is the Founder & CEO of Career Ladder Institute. He is an accomplished global business executive with well-rounded experience built in an 18-year corporate career working in Fortune 100 companies and growing billion dollar enterprises.