How is Your Motivation Level Today?

Motivation vs. Influence

Every day is the same. 24 hours.

Your routine. Over and over again.

But every day is a day closer to your success.

First, you need to have a goal.

Then, you need to know how to get there: your success definition.

One thing is very clear: either having a career as employee or being an

entrepreneur is a path to be successful.

However, how to be motivated and make the difference everyday?

We, human beings, have the expectation that somebody else motivates us.

We expect the companies we are working for, guide us through the career paths and when it doesn’t happen, we get frustrated.

Or we expect our business run smoothly enough to grow by itself.

That’s not how the “forces of influence” work.

And that’s the topic of this article.

Motivation comes from within. From yourself!

What comes from outside is the influence.

Your employer may influence you to think the only progressive career path is up.

It’s to be promoted. Have more responsibilities and so on.

But the motivation to aspire it, to be ambitious about it, comes from you. Deeply inside you! This is a completely different thing.

As business owner, your company can be performing very well but something bad in the economy can influence the results and impact it, negatively. The motivation to react, understand the situation and correct the course, comes from within.

The motivation to take care of your career will not come from others, should come from you.

Maybe somebody can influence you to take control of your career, but the motivation, the decision to take the lead, comes directly from you.

Taking the “main actor” role instead of “support actor” in your life comes from within though.

The motivation to be successful and pursue it is critical, because comes from yourself!

Let’s keep pushing!

And you don´t need to be alone. If you need help to find the motivation inside you or find what´s preventing you from improving your Career or Business don´t hesitate to call us!

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