7 Things Successful People Do

You've just seen that famous company CEO at the newsflash announcing that now he is the richest man of the world. Earlier you saw another top executive total compensation being publicly released.

And you start to think what these successful people have really done to be there. Additionally, you think what they are doing to keep it up and continue to grow in their career without damaging their lives.

There is no secret. Success has a price tag. And it’s not cheap.

But how could you learn from them? Besides, what should you do yourself to be more successful?

Here are 7 things they do that could be simply applied in your day:

1. They all have a career goal: every time I meet successful people such as CEOs and Board Directors, I ask them if when they were starting their career they had the goal to be a successful executive or entrepreneur. And 100% of them say YES. That’s intriguing but at the same time says a lot: researches say that if you have a goal defined, you have 50% more chances to achieve it. So, what’s your career objective.

2. Metrics: a way to measure progress is something just critical as a goal. If you couldn't measure something, you cannot track it. If you cannot track it, you don’t know what need to be done to keep moving towards. So, when they’ve defined their goal, they create milestones and checkpoints to measure the progress against the goal. Have you ever thought about it?

3. Manage risks (And take risks too!): Dave Packard once said “Take risks. Ask big questions. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you don't make mistakes, you're not reaching far enough.” And that’s what they do. They take a lot of risks. Risk/rewards proportion is big but you only understand it when you start to take some. I am not asking you to take risks inadvertently. Measuring your risks, manage it and go forward. Those that have “no” acknowledged, will never get the YES. Be BOLD, but consciously.

4. Take the lead: successful people take the lead. I am not saying that they must be the leader but they have the positive attitude. They move ahead and initiate. As I wrote before “Successful people initiate”. Think about how many times you have initiate something and reflect about the results.

5. Pursue High Performance: continuous improvements, peak performance, outlier and other definitions are great ways to describe what’s need to be successful. But the fact is only those that have found a way to manage their energy and boost their performance, capitalizing strengths and improving weaknesses will have more probability to be successful. Might seems a lot but it’s not, you just need to take your time, identify and execute a plan to make it happen. Do you know your weaknesses or you think only about your strengths?

6. Read books: research says on average; a CEO reads 60 books a year. Do you know why? Because they need to expand their mind and learn different perspectives. You might be thinking about how they get time to do it, with their busy schedule, but guess what: it’s a priority. How many books do you read per year?

7. Balance their life: Yes, they are busy. But even though they some find time to work out, meditate, eat healthy food and so on. That’s so important because once you have the body, mind and soul balanced you can feel dramatic change in your life, performance and results. Are you drinking enough water? Are you exercising? Are you having time for your mind?

I hope these 7 things help you reflect about how successful you can be!

Remember: the sky is not the limit!

Let’s keep pushing!

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