4 Reasons Why You Are Not Busy

This became the new buzzword in every corporate office across the globe.

“I am busy” or “I am super busy” or “I cannot see your text because my day is a busy day” are common phrases you hear from your co-workers, family and friends.

Hey, wait a minute…are you really telling me that you cannot read and reply a text message on your smartphone? I am not saying that you need immediately answer, but you don’t have 30 seconds between a meeting and another to do it? It’s completely impossible that in 24 hours you will not be able to make a phone call, reply a text, communicate with others, and have quality family time…

Well, probably you are now thinking that I am crazy and yes, you are super busy.

So, here is the reasons that you are not SUPER busy:

Reason #1: You are multitasking!

Avoid it! If you dedicate time and put your efforts focused on each task, this quality time will result in productivity and you will accomplish the tasks end to end and will not need rework.

Reason #2: You are wasting effort with things out of your circle of influence

Pick your battles! Attain to your MBO (Management by Objectives) and not waste your time thinking about what your colleague should do to improve his or her work. Look your objectives versus your planning, daily, weekly, monthly (and why not quarterly?!?) and build over it not on anything else. Pay attention on what your top management is saying but not try to fix all the problems that the company has. If you are productive and doing your work well is a problem less for your company.

Reason #3: You are not communicating well

If you put the right amount of time to understand an issue and write it clearly, you possibly will resolve the situation faster demanding less time. If you are not communicating well, a few exchanges will be needed until you finally close the issue. Be old school, pick up the phone and call the people! Yes, your smartphone make calls too!

Reason #4: You are not managing your energy

As I wrote in my previous article “How to keep energized to increase productivity”thru focus, strategic disengagement, planning your schedule and giving fuel to your body drinking water you will maximize your energy and increase your productivity, then you will be able to produce more resulting on free time.

I hope you read it, think about it and promote the change on your day. I bet that even if your diary is a big challenge you will be more effective and have time in your life to reply a text or even your Whatsapp group!

Also, I hope that now you believe you are not really super busy…

Let’s keep pushing!