Why you Should be Open-Minded?

How often do you read? Or how many books have you read last year?

Not many. You were busy, right?

Well, a top CEO reads on average 60 books per year. Tell me that they are not busy. Well, they are. Really busy.

Have I mentioned about my concept of busy-ache?

“Busy-ache” is the feeling of being busy, super busy, but in the end of the day, you just did not manage well your time and energy.

Do you think these top CEOs are really busy or are they suffering from “busy-ache”? On average, they read more than a book per week.

And why do they do it?

Because they want to be open-minded. They need to expand the boundaries of their knowledge to support unexpected and unprecedented moments.

We don’t know everything, moreover, we usually don’t know what we don’t know. Reading books, diversifying the knowledge is the best way to be ready.

As a bonus, you expand your vocabulary and also generalize your knowledge.

Sometimes we don’t know what to read.

I would like to help you! See below my book list.

Amazon Book List

I am constantly updating this list with books that I read and found interesting for you.

There, you will find business, strategy, entrepreneurship, startup among others.

I hope you get the point: be open-minded.

Take the first step, start to read more.

Be open-minded!

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Rodrigo S. Martineli is the Founder & CEO of Career Ladder Institute. He is an accomplished global business executive with well-rounded experience built in an 18-year corporate career working in Fortune 100 companies and growing billion dollar enterprises.